8 Things You May Not Know About Your Furry Friend Depending On Its Breed

Once you have a pet dog, you may not know it but you are spending more time with your furry friend than your human friends already. Why not? They are the most loyal companion that you can ever get. They also entertain you. But as you think that you know your puppy too well, there may be some facts about its breed that you may not know. So what’s the breed of your puppy?

Here are some things that you may not about your puppy’s breed:

This Dog’s Sense of Smell Can Be Used in Court

If it happens that you have a Bloodhound as a pet dog, you may be seeing yourself in the courtroom if your puppy is a witness to a crime. You may be shocked to be asked to accompany your dog because its sense of smell is admissible in court. This dog breed can also be able to follow tracks for a little more than three days and its sense of smell can still be reliable for more than 130 miles. That is, of course, spectacular.

The Tallest Dog Is 3.67 Feet

If you own this dog, you may not feel that you are with a dog all along. This is because a Great Dane can grow as tall as 44 inches. The name of the Great Dane that reached this height is Zeus and is still the record holder at the Guinness Book of World Records. If you still don’t have a puppy yet, owning a puppy Great Dane can help you break a record at Guinness.

You May Be Having the Fastest Land Animal

Cheetah is known as the fastest land animal. However, according to some studies, the Greyhound can beat the cheetah in long-distance running. It can run as fast as 35 miles per hour for the first seven miles. If only your Greyhound can carry you on its back or can pull a sled, there may be no need to drive a car to reach your destination on time.

30% of These Likable Dog Breeds Are Deaf in One Ear

If you have a Dalmatian with larger dark patches, its probability of being deaf is even higher. On average, this dog breed has a 30% probability of being deaf in one ear. This is being attributed to the extreme piebald gene which is the one responsible for the blue eyes and white coat of Dalmatians. But did you ever notice it? If not, then your puppy must have adjusted fully well with its condition.

Black-Tongued Dog? Maybe You Own One

Dogs have usually pink tongues. Some may be darker and others with lighter shades of pink. But if you have a Chow Chow or a Shar-Peis and you haven’t given attention to it yet, open its mouth and you will find a black tongue. These two breeds of dogs are the only ones with black tongues even if they haven’t drunk ink or licked on some charcoals.

Screaming Dog, You Heard It Right from Your Dog

It is general knowledge that all dogs bark and they do it for numerous reasons. But do you know that a Basenji does not bark but instead screams or yodel? It may really be quite upsetting to have the dog that you feed, groom, and care about scream at you all the time. But of course, that is new to experience if you will be having a Basenji for a new dog.

Every Beach Resort Should Have This Excellent Lifeguard

Newfoundland dog breeds were purposely bred to be a fisherman’s assistant and to help in drowning incidents. Until now, this breed is seen as an ultimate lifeguard because its coat does not get wet. Its feet are also webbed which is crucial when swimming. But sometimes, this dog’s judgment may fail and try to save people who are actually swimming safely but not drowning. Too bad for you if a Newfoundland dog thinks that you are a so-so swimmer. You will be brought to shore.

And the Oldest Dog Is….

Do you know that this dog was a royal pet in ancient Egypt around 429 BC? This is the Saluki and you can find carvings that resemble this dog breed in southern Iraq that were etched around 7000BC. If you have a Saluki, you have a slice of that rich history.

Undoubtedly, if you have one of these dogs, knowing these facts may let you feel prouder about your dog. Each dog is unique and as a pet parent, you should learn more about the breed that you have.

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