8 Ways to Budget for the Cost Of Owning a New Dog

Having a puppy can take a big chunk of your budget. That is, of course, if you want the best for your cute little furry baby. But having the right strategies can help you reduce the costs while the quality care for your puppy is not compromised.

Here are some ways to budget for all the costs you are expected to spend after bringing home a new puppy:

Train Your Puppy Yourself

Hiring a dog trainer can be expensive. And if you entrust every training your dog needs to a trainer, the cost may balloon, way more than you have imagined. Researching on how to train a puppy before bringing it home can be the best way. With the internet, you can have some ideas. You can also ask friends about their personal experiences. But better still, an online crash course will substantiate all the information you researched. For sure, you will be spending less while your bonding moments with your new puppy are ensured.

Shop for Affordable But Quality Dog Food

The total cost that you may be spending will surely be comprised mostly of dog food and treats. Well-known brands are usually pricier than less popular ones but it does not mean that the less known brands are less nutritious. If you spend more time shopping around, you will surely find more affordable yet high-quality brands. Always check the ingredients though before you buy a certain brand.

You Will Save More If You Buy in Bulk

Once you come across an affordable brand, you will even save more if you buy in bulk. Some brands may come in big packages containing 50 lbs. Buying individual packages of 1 pound or more will cost you more. Try computing and you will see a big difference.

Be Wary of Your Pet’s Health

Health issues affecting your dog can drain your wallet, especially if you were not able to get pet insurance. As a responsible dog owner, it is your duty to bring your puppy to the vet regularly to check on its health. Be wary of the food you give and keep your dog off any kind of hazards. Investing in dog safety devices will prevent accidents.

Check Out Free Pet Vaccination Schedules

Although sponsored free pet vaccinations and other pet health services may come once in a while, taking advantage of them can be a lot of savings. This also means that you will not be spending on medications of your pet caused by missing a vaccination because your budget does not allow it.

Make Your Puppy’s Bed, Clothing, and Toys

Sewing your dog’s beddings and clothing will not only mean customizing all these to suit your dog’s needs. You can also make sure that the clothes fit your dog to a T. It will definitely cut your expenses if you stop shopping for beddings and clothing for your puppies altogether.

You must have bought toys for your puppy when you first brought them home. Undoubtedly, you must have realized how expensive they are. And with a puppy’s nature, its toys may not last. You may have to buy another set then. Making some toys for your pet will surely be a big cut of your total expenses.

Spay Your Puppy Immediately

There are many advantages of spaying your puppy that will have financial impacts on you. For female dogs, there will be fewer risks of breast cancer and UTI. For male dogs, testicular cancer can be avoided. With no more sexual urge, a dog will not be escaping from your home, thus, eliminating the risks of accidents. So let the vet neuter your puppy now, to prevent you from spending on health issues that comes with your puppy not being spayed.

Fix Your Schedule

By fixing your schedule, you will have more time for your puppy. This way, you may not need to bring your little pup to a pet daycare to let it learn some socialization skills. You also need not hire pet sitters or walkers. But if you need to, it may come sparingly. It is still savings on your part.

During these times when goods and services are getting more expensive each day, we need to cut off on our spending to be able to apportion a little of our income and save for the rainy days. Saving on our expenses for our dog’s needs should not affect the quality of care we give them. Instead, there may be more benefits, and one of them is getting even more bonded with your pet.

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