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Bone-Appetit! Homemade Recipes for Your Pets

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re likely spending more time in the kitchen whipping up seasonal favorites and family recipes. And, if your pet is anything like ours, they’re at your feet, anxiously awaiting a taste of any bits of food that fall their way (can you blame them?!). 

However, not all of your favorite foods are pet-friendly. In fact, some recipes can have just the opposite effect, especially if your favorite dishes contain ingredients that can be toxic and harmful to pets

But, just because we may not be able to show our pets love through a home cooked meal like we do with our human families and friends, that doesn’t mean we can’t whip up some wholesome, preservative-free recipes for them to enjoy. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite healthy, home-cooked recipes we know your four-legged pals will love – free of xylitol, sugar, and processed ingredients. Bone-appetit! 

Homemade Treats For Dogs 

Peanut Butter + Pumpkin Dog Treats

Packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, these homemade treats are not only flavorful, but also a healthy treat to keep on hand for your pup. And, with just six simple ingredients, they’ll be ready for tasting in under 40 minutes. 

Sweet Potato Fries

This recipe is a palate pleaser for both pups and people! Using only sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and a few pet-friendly seasonings, this baked, savory treat is a safe veggie-packed option for your pup to snack on.

No-Bake Peanut Butter Bites

For a super simple, no-bake recipe, try these four-ingredient peanut butter bites! All you need is a can of pumpkin puree, peanut butter, milk, oats, and a food processor to make about 20 of these pet-favorite treats. 

Frozen Brothsicles 

For a delicious homemade treat on a hot day (or any time of year!), treat your dog to a frozen brothsicle – which, just as the name suggests, is simply frozen bone broth and a few added ingredients for extra flavoring and texture, like yogurt and milk. Just combine the ingredients and store in the freezer for a fun treat all year round. 

Homemade Treats For Cats

Carrot + Cat Nip Cat Treats

Grab your favorite nip and a few extra, pet-friendly ingredients (like shaved carrots and coconut oil), and these easy, homemade cat treats will be baked and ready for your feline to try in under 15 minutes!

Simple Salmon Cat Treats

These homemade treats only contain three ingredients, so they’re a great recipe to try out if you’re new to homemade pet treats. Just grab an egg, some flour, and a can of your cat’s favorite salmon and these salmon bites will be ready for sampling in no time!

Tuna Cat Treats

While a can of tuna and a mashed banana may not sound too appealing to you, these ingredients are guaranteed to make your cat’s palette purr! Simply preheat the oven to 350, combine the short list of cat-friendly ingredients, and bake until firm and golden. 

Chicken, Fish, or White Meat

While not technically a treat, your cat will always enjoy a taste of chicken or fish. If you’re making a dish for your family, set aside a bite or two for your cat to enjoy at dinnertime – just be sure it’s unseasoned to avoid your cat ingesting anything potentially harmful to their digestive tract. 

For even more pet-approved foods and favorites, check out our recent post on pet-friendly holiday treats, and, if you believe your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t have or they’re showing signs of sickness or distress, it’s advised to contact your vet immediately.

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