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How to Acclimate Your Dog to a New Home

From boxes piling up to routines being disrupted, moving can be a big adjustment for anyone – especially for your dog. Dogs thrive on routine and familiar spaces, which is why, along with feeding off of any stress you’re experiencing due to your move, moving from a space they’re comfortable with to a new home – filled with unfamiliar surroundings – can be extremely stressful for your dog.  

In fact, it can take a dog anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to settle into a new home. But there are ways to help calm your dog’s nerves and ease their anxiety during this otherwise stressful time. If you’re moving, read on for our tips to ensure the transition from one space to another is as smooth as possible for your pup.

Moving a far distance? Read this before taking a flight with fido. 


Stay Calm

In the final days before a move, your once tranquil home can quickly turn chaotic. From packing all of your belongings into boxes, to having movers come in and out, your dog’s typically calm day will likely be disrupted with loud noises and unfamiliar faces. While you can’t necessarily avoid the chaos of a move, you can help your dog feel at ease during this transition.

To start, try and keep the core of your dog’s routine intact, including maintaining their set feeding times and daily walks. If you have an easily-stressed out pup, consider helping them cope with a dose of CBD oil or melatonin to keep anxiety at ease in the days leading up to your move. 

And finally, try and keep your own nerves at bay, too. Dogs feed off of their owner’s emotions, so the more calm and at ease you remain, the more likely your dog will realize that there’s nothing to be worried about. 

Set Up Their Space

You know how uncomfortable it can feel to not be able to find your items during a move. Shuffling through boxes to find your favorite shirt, for example, can really throw off your mood. And, if they’re unable to find their favorite toy or cozy bed, dogs can feel the same way.

Before bringing your dog into your new home, unpack and set up their bedding, food and water bowls, and put out a few of their favorite toys so they know the space is also theirs. That way, when they arrive in your new home, the familiar scents and sights on their belongings will help them settle in faster.

Give Them a Tour

When you arrive at your new home with your dog, set aside some time to show them around. Make them feel welcome by giving them a room-by-room tour, letting them take their time to sniff around. Don’t forget to point out where their food bowls and sleeping areas are, too! 

Explore the Neighborhood

Along with showing your pup their new outdoor space for bathroom breaks and outdoor play, grab the leash and walk them around your new street. They’ll be enthralled by the new sights and sounds as they get familiar with their new neighborhood, which they’ll quickly realize is now their own.  

Remember, moving can be equally, if not more, stressful for your dog than it is for you – but it doesn’t have to be! 

Set aside time to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for your four-legged friends to ensure that they get comfortable and settle into their new surroundings as quickly as possible.

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