8 Common Diseases That Can Affect Your Pet

It may not be all the time that we can know that our puppies are sick. Sometimes it may not show. With their happy personality, it may be difficult to determine. Dogs cannot tell us how they are feeling. It may only be at the later part of a disease that visible symptoms can be noticed. This is the reason why going to the vet regularly for our puppies’ checkups is advised.

As a dog owner, you should know the signs and symptoms of the different illnesses or heath conditions that your puppy may have so that you can take the necessary actions to prevent the problem from getting more serious. Here are some of the most common diseases that can affect your puppy:


It is always a joy to see our puppies very happy with the food that we give. While it is advised that we should only give dog food to our puppies, many dog owners give human food to their dogs. This can be one of the causes of obesity in puppies. Giving more dog food than what is recommended and treats that are not healthy are common causes of obesity in dogs.

Fat puppies may be cute to see, but always remember that being overweight can lead to numerous health conditions.


Puppies can be the most overactive pets that we can ever have. They enjoy running and jumping which makes them prone to falls. Because the bones of young puppies have not matured yet, they are susceptible to fractures. Puppies also chew on anything, so they can suffer from fractured teeth. Another cause of fractures in dogs is when they fight with each other.

Fractures in puppies can be prevented by making your home safer. Having panel blockages can help. However, a well-trained dog can lessen the possibility of your puppy encountering accidents that can cause broken bones.


This heartworm used to be a common problem among dog owners. It is a blood-borne parasitic roundworm that can be transferred from one host to another through mosquito bites. But now that there is a vaccine against it, dogs can be spared from this deadly roundworm.

But with many dog owners who do not bring their dogs to a vet and the increasing number of stray dogs, heartworms are still very much around. It is truly helpful to bring our dogs regularly for a checkup.

Fleas and Ticks

While fleas and ticks are not life-threatening like heartworms, they can cause severe discomfort to your puppy. Your pet may not be able to have quality sleep. While they suck on your dog’s blood, the itch may be too much to bear making your dog erratic and stressed.

No one wants to be with a puppy with many fleas and ticks. They look untidy and smelly. At the first sight of these blood-sucking parasites, an appropriate shampoo can help. Otherwise, if the infestation is moderate to severe, you can shave off all its fur and use anti-flea shampoo. Disinfect your home as well.


A puppy’s digestive tract may be sensitive while it is young. It may need to take some time for it to get used to the food that you give. You should be wary of this as it can dehydrate your puppy. Go for hypoallergenic foods to avoid allergies.

Kennel Cough

While the common cold affects humans, our puppies can catch kennel cough. This health issue in dogs is usually seen in shelters, pet shops, and stray dogs because the virus can spread easily.

Ear Infection

If your dog is not used to cleaning its ears, it might get an ear infection after playing outside. This is because dirt and dust may accumulate. You can know if there is an ear infection when your dog always scratches its ears. Apply eardrop which is prescribed by the vet.


Just like humans, dogs can also develop cancer. While cancer is predominantly age-related, there are some types of cancer that can affect younger dogs. And just like humans, cancer in dogs may be hard to detect until its late stages. This makes it best to bring your puppy to the vet to perform screening once in a while. Cancers have a better prognosis when detected early.

Arthritis and cataracts are also common diseases in dogs. However, these diseases occur during the later stages of a dog’s life. To avoid all these diseases, the best way to do is a regular visit to the vet. Ask for tips on how to combat all these diseases. For sure, your days will be different when your puppy in your home suddenly becomes sick.

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4 thoughts on “8 Common Diseases That Can Affect Your Pet”

  1. I have a Yorkie and she has a skin rash that doesn’t goes away, she itches lot, when a give a bath it seems to go away, but it comes back, I took her to her Vet Dr and they gave a shot, it seem to disappear, but it comes back, I don’t know what Elsa to do, thank you, I will be waiting for your prompt response

    1. Dogs need to eat a holistic diet-make sure you give them good quality dog food-not just any dog kibble-The Farmer’s Fresh is an example-so many people do not realize how important a dog’s health and lifespan depend on a good diet!!

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