8 Fun Games You and Your Pet Can Play

Dogs are naturally playful. That can be the reason you are buying all those toys. However, toys may not be enough. You may have to spend time playing with your furry baby more often. And if you think that your puppy will be the only one benefitting from those moments, you are wrong there. Just as it is good for your puppy’s mental and physical health, so it does for you. It can be stress-relieving and you can sweat all those toxins out of your system if you do more active games.

But when choosing the right games, you have to see what your dog enjoys. You can also incorporate games that can challenge your mental aptitude. Here are some games that you can play with your favorite pet:


Playing tug-of-war can be done anywhere else. You can do it inside your home or in your yard. Have your puppy bite one end of the rope with his favorite bone toy attached to it. Pull the rope to bring the dog’s mouth to you. When the dog’s mouth touches your hand, the game is over. Remember not to pull the rope with all your strength or you will break your pup’s teeth. Apply force moderately.

Of course, you can win easily but make sure that you lose some games so that your pup will discover what it is to win. You can reward your puppy after a win.


Frisbee can easily be a dog’s favorite game. It is played like a tennis ball thrown in an open yard for your dog to retrieve and bring it back to you. Only this time, you will be using a flying disc. Start the game by flying the Frisbee in short distances. Increase the distance when your dog learns the trick. This is a great way to exercise your dog.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is still a favorite game of children nowadays. Your pup will also enjoy playing it so introduce it to your dog. For sure, with your dog’s sniffing ability, you will be found easily.

Easter Egg Hunting

You can always play this game even if it is not Easter. Stuff some kibble in some egg-shaped toys and hide them somewhere. You do this game in your yard so you can hide the kibble among the grasses. Your dog will love this game as it has a reward afterward.

Water Games

If you have a pool at home or a nearby stream, playing a water game can be just exciting as playing the Frisbee. You only have to throw a thing in the direction of the water. If this is the first time your dog takes a dip in a body of water, it will discover its swimming ability. Make sure that you are throwing an item that interests your puppy. This is also a physical exercise for your dog.

Chase Bubbles

It will surely be easy to let your dog play with you with some chase bubbles. This is because it can be attracted to flying bubbles and bursting in the air. You can blow a couple of bubbles into the air and point to your dog to start chasing at them.

Flirt Pole

At the end of a stick, tie some kibble or something that your dog is so much interested in. Use this to let your dog try to catch the bait. Be quick enough to move the stick away from your dog’s reach. This game is good for your dog’s reflexes. After some time when you see that your dog is nearly tired, you can let it catch the bait for its reward.

Stuffed Kong

Whether your dog is a puppy or is in its grownup stage, a Kong will always be an exciting toy. You can let your puppy play alone with this toy. If you are doing something and are just keeping an eye on your dog, a stuffed toy with kibble will surely let your puppy play on its own for long hours, keeping you undisturbed.

Playing with your dog can be a great way to bond with your pet. It does not benefit only your dog, but you as well. If you do not always have the time to be always playing with your furry baby, scheduling an hour or two during the weekend may be enough. Your dog will surely be looking forward to that moment. No matter how busy you may get, always find time to play with your dog.

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