8 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Pet Calm

It is not unusual for a dog to experience anxiety. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult already, anxiety can hit her anytime. It does not also matter whether what breed she belongs to. But when your dog becomes anxious more often, this should not be ignored.

Dog anxiety can be caused by many factors. However, the most common ones are fear, separation, and aging. Did you not notice that your dog becomes restless and afraid when all those firecrackers can be heard around New Year’s Day? This is because they are afraid of loud noises. Some dogs can also be afraid of things that they see like a bright-colored umbrella or anything new to them.

Fear of being separated from their owners is also one factor that causes anxiety in dogs. If your neighbors complain about your dog’s loud barks and cries after you have gone out of your house, it means your dog has separation anxiety. Senior dogs are more prone to stress and this brings about more bouts with depression and anxiety.

If you visit your vet, your dog may be prescribed some medications. Nonetheless, the following tricks can help keep your puppy calm:


Massaging your pet can effectively soothe anxiety. It means that you are physically close to her and that you can protect her from any harm. Cuddling and petting or any kind of touch can heal any form of fear. Applying belly rub or just letting her feel your presence can ease up her anxiety.

A Walk in the Park

Get on the collar and leash and go walking in a nearby park. With you at her side, she will feel more secure. Moreover, the rush of fresh air can be relaxing. Physical exertion can also tire your dog’s muscles which can result in deep and undisturbed sleep during the night. Other forms of exercise can also be introduced. They are good for your puppy’s health while they can interfere with your dog’s feeling of loneliness. Just like human beings, getting fresh air will surely calm a puppy down.

Skills Training

Teaching your puppy new skills can be mentally stimulating. It can disturb morbid thoughts of things that make her afraid. Training your dog can also be a form of exercise that involves physical exertion. When you train your puppy, it also means that you are near your dog which can prevent any form of fear from creeping into your puppy’s mind.


While dogs hate loud noises, they love soft music. Just like humans, music can also be soothing to them. But each dog has its own preference. This means that you have to discover your dog’s favorite sounds. Reggae or soft rock is usually the preferred music of dogs. Play these kinds of music if your dog is afraid and lonely and she will be comforted.

Essential Oils

Just as aromatherapy can ease your stress, it can also do so in dogs. But you have to consult the vet because what works for you may not on your puppy. There are also some essential oils that may be toxic to your dog. When using an essential oil, you have to very careful because it may harm your puppy instead.


Do you know that a nursing mother dog can produce a certain kind of scent that can calm her puppies? Well, this can be replicated with artificial pheromones that can be used in plug-in diffusers, sprays, and wipes. This can be very effective in calming your dog’s anxiety.


When choosing a supplement for your dog’s anxiety, you should always seek a vet’s opinion. It is always good to go for supplements with natural ingredients to do away with some toxic chemicals that can harm your dog. An energy booster for your dog may prevent depression and anxiety from creeping in.


You do not have to bring your dog to the salon for grooming where there may be no less personal interaction. If you see that your pet is stressed, you try to do grooming activities yourself. This is added to the assurance of your dog that you are there right beside her.

During bouts of depression and anxiety, your dog may deviate from all the good behavior that you have been teaching her. You may come home with poops and urine all over your place, a litter of torn clothing and paper, and damaged seat covers and walls. Of course, you do not want this to happen. Doing something to calm your dog’s anxiety is the best remedy.

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  1. I would be interested in knowing or understanding what makes a dog destructive such as chewing. My male 12 Lb dog used to destroy my socks, slippers etc. but grew out it as an adult. However, his habit is not totally gone. He now does it to his other family dog members. I recently bought a “calming bed ” for the other dog but I was not able to give it to her because he would NOT give it up. He showed he could use it but on the second day it was destroyed. Is there any solution to such a problem.

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