These 7 Tips for Raising a Happy Pet Are Crucial

We seek a companion to light up our lives. When we raise dogs, that must be one of the reasons. Dogs are naturally happy pets. When they wag their tails and wiggle their bodies, these are signs that they are happy, and can be very contagious. Even in our saddest moments, when our cute little puppy comes and leans on us, licks us, and tries to get our attention, that can just be what we need to divert our attention from what is bothering us. Indeed, there are many reasons to smile when we have a happy dog around us.

But just like humans, dogs have personalities too. Some puppies may grow to be happy dogs. On the other hand, some dogs can be sleepers or indifferent. In other cases, a few dogs can even bite their owners. When this happens, owning such kinds of dogs can add to your stress. Of course, you do not want this to happen with that little puppy you are raising right now.

To ensure that you are raising a pup to become a happy dog that brings so much joy to you and everyone else in your household, including other pets, here are some tips that will help:

Tone Down Your Expectations

Always remember that a puppy is not your kind. It is not human that all that you want from it can be achieved. Think that dogs are domesticated wolves. They can only be trained to a certain degree. Moreover, dogs have different capabilities. Before choosing a puppy, consider researching the personalities of each breed of dog and choose one that best suits your expectations. But then again, you should not expect too much. You should keep in mind that raising a puppy comes with responsibilities and you need to be very patient.

Start Training as Soon as Possible

Starting to train a puppy when it is only a few months old is very rewarding. It can avoid developing bad habits that can piss you off. When you are consistent with what you are teaching, there is no way a puppy will not be housebroken with all the good behaviors that you expect.

Never Punish

No matter what mistake a puppy does, it is never a good idea to give punishment. It may be counterproductive. If you whip it for bad behavior, every time that you raise your hand can make your puppy afraid or anxious. Will this make your pup a happy dog? Of course not. It can stick to its memory that you are someone to fear. Instead of giving punishment, give your dog some sort of reward, like treats, more playtime, and a much-needed belly rub.

Make Some Lifestyle Changes

If you usually spend your weekend around friends, limiting the hours with them to make room for some playtime with your puppy will make your cute little puppy very happy. Come home from work earlier so that you can have some playtime together before bedtime. When you do this consistently, your puppy will always be there happily waiting for you.

Socialize Your Puppy With Other People

If you have guests at your home, always introduce your puppy to them. Let them pat your dog and play with it. This will make your dog very enthusiastic to see other people. If you have no other dogs in the house, spare some time to bring them to the park to meet other pet dogs and enjoy a new environment.

Let It Lead the Way

When strolling, let your puppy lead the way. You can see a happy face when you do that, for sure. But to ensure that this is successful, you have to let your pup get used to its harness. This will give your little fur baby some sort of independence and confidence.

Get Friends and Family Love Your Dog

If you are the only one loving your dog, it may not be enough. You can easily feel the sadness in your dog’s eyes when it is ignored by other people around. But when it is the other way around, your dog will surely be very happy. Ask all those in the household to be friends with your dog. A little attention from them will prevent your dog from feeling rejected and being unwanted.

Indeed, when getting a puppy under your stead, one of the greatest responsibilities that you have is to make your fur baby happy all the time. This will never be a futile endeavor as you will be repaid over and over again when the time comes that you are the one who is lonely.

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