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Pawliday Getaways: How to Prepare for Pet-Friendly Stays

The holiday season is among us, which means it’s time to spread some cheer and keep loved ones near — including the four-legged ones! And while there may be no place like home for the holidays, sometimes that means traveling to wherever “home” is, which can be easier said than done if you have pets in tow. 

Thankfully, there are tips and tricks, and helpful platforms pet owners can utilize this season to keep the pawliday celebrations merry and bright, wherever you choose to spend it!

Road Trips

As of 2018, more than 102 million cars hit the road for the holidays, and that number is only expected to grow this season. If you’re amongst those travelers this month, plan ahead for  extra traffic — which means planning ahead for extra time in the car with your pet if you’re bringing them along.

If you’re traveling with your cat, we recommend purchasing a travel carrier with a disposable litter box to keep them comfortable. For dogs, a good rule of thumb is to break every 3 – 4 hours at a rest stop for potty breaks and to let your pet stretch their legs to avoid them (and you!) getting restless. Apps like Waze and Google Maps can help you map out rest areas along your drive. 

To keep your pets comfortable, keep plenty of water and travel bowls, along with their beds and blankets. And, for anxious pets, it doesn’t hurt to bring along a CBD treat or melatonin to keep them relaxed during longer spouts in the car. 

Check out our recent post for additional tips on how to best prepare your pet for a road trip!

Pet-Friendly Stays

Thankfully, more and more hospitality brands, hotels, and vacation home owners are opening up their rooms for guests with pets, which can easily be found on a few of our favorite pet-friendly platforms!


AirBnb offers a host of pet-friendly stays around the world! To find pet-friendly stays in your location of choice, head to the search bar and add the number of pets you plan to bring with you under the “guests” tab. Additional charges and cleaning fees apply to certain stays, so be sure to budget accordingly.

Hotel Tonight

For last minute travel, or those looking to take a break while on the road, Hotel Tonight offers fantastic last minute deals on hotel rooms – including pet-friendly options! To locate a pet-friendly stay near you, visit the app and head to their customize filter to select “pets.” This will give you a list of pet-friendly hotel rooms available (including some with no added fees!).


From cabins and beachside houses, to apartments, condos, and more, VRBO has an entire section of their website dedicated to travelers looking to bring their pets along for vacation. Head to the search bar, enter your destination, travel dates, then, under the number of guests, click “yes” for pets to see a filtered list of all of the pet-friendly stays available. Note that some additional charges for pets and cleaning fees may apply. 

Santa’s Helpers

Whether your destination is too far, or far from pet-friendly, sometimes you just can’t bring your pets along with you. No matter the circumstances, pet sitters are a fantastic way to ensure your best friends are taken care of while you’re on holiday (think of them like Santa’s helpers!). Whether you choose to have a pet sitter check in, stay in your home, or take your pets to stay with them, apps like Rover and Wag offer on-demand, verified, and trusted sitters to take care of your pets like their own. 

No matter where “home” is for you this holiday season, we hope you enjoy your time there with your beloved pets alongside to celebrate with you. 

Happy Howl-idays!

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