Simple Ways to Choosing an Awesome Name for Your Furry Friend

So what is in a dog’s name? It is the first human sound that your dog will recognize and later on will correlate as its own. Dogs are given names not only for identification but more importantly to get their attention.

As a puppy’s owner, it is your prerogative to choose any name for your dog. For sure, you would want to select a name that you are fond of. But if you are not yet sure of what name you will give to your puppy, here are some simple tips:

Pick a Name That Ends in a Vowel-Sounding Syllable

Choosing a name that ends in a vowel-sounding syllable is more distinguishable to dogs. This is because vowels tend to have higher frequencies when pronounced. In this case, instead of Jon, you might as well name your puppy, Jonnie. Instead of Rose, make it Rosie.

Getting the attention of puppies is easy. You just make a sound and you will get its attention. But when a dog identifies the name as its own, it will surely come to you or react to what you are trying to point out. It is also crucial that a puppy knows its name when you start training. This is why before you get a pet, you should already have a name in mind.

Choose a Two-Syllable Name

Long names may not stick to your puppy’s mind. And you too, you may get tired of saying that long name every time you call your dog. For sure, after a week or two, you will give a nickname or a shortened version of its name. This may just cause confusion to your little pup. Take for example the name Huckleberry. You may soon be confusing yourself if what nickname you will be giving. Will it be Huckie? Or will it be Berry? So when choosing your pup’s name, it’s better to select a two-syllable name.

Don’t Give Funny Names

Giving a funny name is a bad idea. It may be funny the first time someone hears it, but it may not matter at all when they are used to it. Also, avoid creative names with negative implications. It may not only repulsive to many people but may also create dislike for your puppy.

Avoid Names That Sound Like the Most Used Commands

Do you plan to go for the name Bruno, to give to your puppy? Undoubtedly, your puppy will be hard to train to follow your commands. Instead of hearing its name, it may hear the word “No!” The same is true with names like Junno, Reno, and Uno.

Don’t Use a Name That Is Similar to Your Other Pets

If your cat is named Jackie, it is a bad idea to call your puppy Chuckie. It may sound good to hear on our part, but it may be confusing to your pets. And not just your pets. This also goes with the names of all the household members. Never give the name Ana to your puppy if you have a daughter by the name of Jana.

Stick to the First Name You Gave

Take your time when looking for the perfect name for your dog. This will prevent changing your dog’s name from time to time. You will be sorry if your dog will not obey your commands after the change of name as this will create confusion.

Choose the Name You Love

If you were to give yourself a new name what name would that be? Of course, you will select the name that you love best. Because that won’t happen, you might as well give that name to your new puppy. You will surely not get tired of it because you love it. And if Rose is your long-time crush, why not name your puppy Rosie?

Some may not realize the importance of choosing the right name for their dogs. It is crucial as it can affect your dog’s training. Take for example the name Uno. Will it follow you if you say “No?” And if dogs do not easily recognize names ending with consonants, it may be your fault if your puppy just doesn’t seem to hear you when you are calling him.

All these show that choosing the right name for your puppy should not be decided on at the spur of the moment. Because as said previously, changing the name of your puppy any time soon will just lead to confusion. Choose a name you love, and you will surely stick with it for life.

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2 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Choosing an Awesome Name for Your Furry Friend”

  1. If you adopt a dog that already has a name, whatever you do, do not change it.
    We tried this and went back to the original name.
    She continued to ignore us until we went back to her original name.

  2. Adopted a bonded pair and neither had a name, so when calling each by name and they responded, gave small treat. After 2-1/2 days both were answering to their new names. Chica, [Chee-Ka’]Spanish for small one and Dulce,[Dual-See’] Spanish for sweet.

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