8 Tips to Get Your Car Pet Friendly

Many puppies are afraid of cars. This can be a good characteristic as it may not run towards speeding cars if it has chanced upon an opening to escape from your view. What’s not good is if it is scared of your car. If this is the case, it may be a lot of torment to let him in your car if you are tagging him along with you for a long road trip.

To make your dog feel at ease in your car, getting your car as puppy-friendly as possible before your take-off will surely change things. Here’s how to make your car puppy–friendly:

Take the Time to Organize All Your Luggage

If you organize all the baggage you are bringing with you to your destination, your car will still have more space. Leaving all your things all cramped up will leave little space for your puppy. For sure, your puppy will not feel comfortable and will not enjoy the whole trip if it is mixed up with all your baggage. It will truly be a bad experience for him. This can worsen his fear of cars.

But if things are all organized and comfortable space for your dog’s crate is provided, your puppy may enjoy the road trip in your car after all.

Invest in a Kennel

The safest way to travel with a puppy is by placing him inside a safety-tested crate. If possible, use its own kennel which he had been using so there will be no issues of discomfort. Position the kennel in such a way that your puppy has a good view of the surroundings and especially you. It will surely get agitated if you are blocked.

Consider a Strap

Using a strap or a collar with a leash that is firmly tied can be an option to consider instead of the crate. This can be better when the road trip is short distance. Your dog may also feel more comfortable. It can also be considered when there are more things to pack. A crate can be space-consuming. By using a strap, you are saving on some space.

Check for Dog-Friendly Facilities along Your Route

You need a breather when traveling. However, it may really be a problem if you cannot find dog-friendly establishments along the way. To solve this, search the internet for these establishments. Your dog will surely hate your car more if you are confined to your car for many hours.

Maintain Routines

Even if you are on the road, be consistent with all the things that you taught your dog. It is important that you still follow the schedules that you set. Your dog will surely not relish the experience of missing its food during your travel. It may not like to get inside your car next time because he will associate it with the hungry hours he has endured during your last travel together.

Always Check the Temperature of the AC

You may have to travel with closed windows if you are using the aircon. Check your dog if it is comfortable with the temperature set. Maybe it is too cold or maybe it has become hotter which makes your dog uncomfortable. At some point, where there is no traffic and the air is fresh, you can open some of the windows for a rush of fresh air. Just like you, your dog will surely love it. Just make sure to only half-open the window beside your dog so it will not fully put his head out.

Give Your Puppy an Activity to Do

Your dog will surely not spend the whole trip sitting. Even if there is a good view outside, it will still bore your puppy. Give him some toys or anything that will make him busy. A chewy treat may do. If you just allow your dog to stay there with nothing to do, traveling through your car will have a negative impact on him.

Don’t Allow Nausea to Get In

If the road trip has made your dog feel dizzy and sick, it may not be a good sign that it will like to travel with you again. Visit your vet to get some tips before departing. If possible, there should be some medications to prevent your dog from experiencing ugly symptoms of car sickness.

As much as possible, you should make the whole experience enjoyable and hassle-free. Any bad experience while traveling will have a negative impact on your dog about riding a car. Make it perfect the first time and your puppy will be very excited for the next road trip that you will soon be doing together.

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