5 Toys to Avoid & 5 Toys You Should Get for Your Furry Friends

While our puppies love to play with toys, some may have to be avoided. They can be harmful to our little pups. You know for sure that your pup is still a little delicate creature that should be safeguarded from anything that is harmful. Otherwise, even the smallest hazards can be life-threatening. On the other hand, some toys are recommended for puppies because they are both safe and enjoyable.

Toys are important as they can make our little pups busy while we are busy too. With the right toys, your fur baby can grow healthy and happy. This is because playing with toys can provide exercise and entertainment to our pups at the same time.

5 Toys to Avoid for Your Puppy:

Kids’ Toys

No matter how you treat your puppy whether she is like your real child or a pet, never give toys that were outgrown by your kids. These kid’s stuff is usually easy to dismantle and can be degraded easily by your pup’s razor-like teeth. Some toys may also contain stuffing that can cause digestive tract blockages.

Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are popular toys for dogs. Undoubtedly, your dog will love playing tennis balls with you. Throw a tennis ball at a distance and your dog will gladly chase it and bring it back to you. With this kind of play, tennis balls can just be fine. It becomes hazardous only if you leave it behind with your dog. Your puppy will surely try to chew it with its strong teeth which can potentially cause choking. The felt covering can also ruin a puppy’s enamel which can expose the pulp.


Real wooden sticks are dangerous to dogs. Dogs love to chew and may chew the stick with shards cutting parts of your dog’s oral cavity. It even gets more serious if your dog swallows these shards as it can cause internal bleeding and infection.

Synthetic Stuffing

Toys with synthetic stuffing should be avoided at all costs. If your dog ingests stuffing like polyester, nutshells, and polystyrene beads, they can block the digestion process leading to more health problems. Natural Stuffing such as cotton should also be avoided for the same reasons. If there is complete blockage of the digestive tract, surgery can be the only way out.

Rope Toys

A rope toy can be instantaneously dangerous to your puppy if she ingests a long one. Moreover, small portions of the rope can accumulate. This can cause a blockage which can be a life-threatening situation.

5 Toys to Buy for Your Puppy:

Dispensing Dog Toy

This toy does not only serve as a physical exercise for your puppy. It also stimulates its mental functions. This toy is indeed very helpful to your dog’s development as it uses the reward concept. After some tasks, a reward of something to chew comes after.

Jive Balls

Jive balls may be safer for puppies than tennis balls because they are made from more durable material. Unlike tennis balls, jive balls may be impossible to give in to your pup’s strong teeth. You can also leave your puppy behind because these balls can easily bounce even without a thrower. With the lopsided shape of a jive ball, it can bounce in any direction, making it more enjoyable for your puppy.

Benebone Maple Stick

This stick should replace the wooden stick as a toy for your puppy. Made from the toughest nylon and real maple stick, this toy for dogs is safer than an ordinary wooden stick as it does not produce shards. Even if your dog keeps biting and chewing it for hours trying to get more of the real maple flavor, this toy does not deform which means that there will be no splintering and no mess around.

Skinny Peltz

Toys that look like stuffed toys are better than those with stuffing inside. An example of these is skinny peltz. They should look attractive to your dog just as stuffed toys but do not have stuffing inside. If your dog is successful to tear these toys, there will be not much mess to clean.

Pull Toys

Pull toys are exceptionally good for your kids’ overall development. There are pull toys that are specially created for dogs. They have a figure-of-eight design that allows you to hold on to the other end while your dog bites on the other end. Letting your dog play this with you can be a perfect bonding between you and your dog.

Toys do not only bring joy to our pet dogs. They are also tools that help our furry babies grow up to be physically fit and mentally alert. Undoubtedly, they will also become happy dogs.

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