7 Gadgets That Are Perfect for Helping Train Your Puppy

If you are a techie, your puppy can follow suit. You may not be aware yet but there are many gadgets that are specially designed for dogs. It will surely help if you get some for your puppy as they can serve many purposes. Some gadgets may look like plain toys which only serve to entertain your puppy. But do you know that these toys may be helpful in the physical and mental development of a young pup? Some can also be very useful for your puppy’s training.

If you are a responsible dog owner who wishes the best for your fur baby, you should start looking at these amazing gadgets that can necessitate your dog’s training:

Puppy Potty Trainer

Potty training can be one of the most challenging training to conduct. You may have to go through a lot of cleaning poops and urine around your house before your puppy is trained. With a Puppy Potty Trainer, you got an assistant to potty train your puppy.

A Puppy Potty Trainer consists of a pad, sensor, and dispenser. When your puppy uses and wets the pad, the sensor sends the message to the dispenser which releases a reward for your pup. Indeed, this is very useful when you are not around.

Source: Walmart

Remote Training Collar

This gadget is particularly designed to teach puppy obedience skills and getting your puppy to return back. A remote training collar consists of a receiver on a wireless collar on your puppy’s neck and a handheld transmitter. When used, various deterrents such as vibrations, static shock, or noises can be felt or heard by your puppy. Using this gadget should be accompanied by some positive reinforcement training.

Source: Amazon

Anti-Barking Tech

You may be able to tolerate the loud barks of your dog. But for sure, you also think of other people in your household and your neighbors getting disturbed. In many cases, the damage may have been done before you can stop your puppy from barking. To ensure that your dog will stop barking at once, an anti-barking tech is very useful. Just as when your dog barks, it produces an ultrasonic sound. This will surely alert your dog to stop barking.

Anti-barking devices come in many forms. There are some collars that have an anti-barking tech on them. On the other hand, PET CAREE Sonic Dog Barking Control is shaped like a birdcage that you can hang as far as 50 feet away.

Source: Amazon

Pet Camera

A pet camera will allow you to monitor your puppy while you are away. And it is more than that. You can talk to your pet and listen to what it has to say although it will all be barks and whines. Moreover, you can also just press on the button and a connected dispenser will dispense some treats. Of course, you only do that if you see that your fur baby is behaving well.

Source: Amazon


You know, for sure, that your fur baby will be bored and lonely when you are away. With Petcube, you can talk, watch, and play with your dog. By being able to watch your dog, you can monitor if it is behaving well and by talking to your puppy, you are reassuring him that you are with him. Petcube can also allow you to play laser games that will surely drive your boredom away.

Source: Amazon


Although this gadget is basically for entertainment, it provides physical exercise and mental training to your dog. If you have been playing tennis balls with your puppy, he will surely learn how to play iFetch easily because it has the same principles.

Source: Amazon


There are various forms of clickers. Some can be attached to leashes and collars. There are also some handheld options. These gadgets can be used to elicit the right behavior from your puppy.

Source: Amazon

There are many more gadgets that are coming which can all be very helpful in training our dogs. The advantage of using gadgets is that they can provide consistency that can prove to be challenging for many dog owners like you. With gadgets, you can also be able to monitor your dog while you are away. This will ensure continuity of the training which can really speed up results. But while all these gadgets can be effective dog trainers, you should not depend on them all the time. They can never replace you. Besides, you will be missing those happy moments with your pet during training.

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