7 Ways to Stop Your Pets From Fighting With Each Other

Having a puppy can assure you of some fun. Having two of them can double the fun. However, your responsibilities are also doubled up. Sometimes, it may not be easy to know whether your puppies are playing or they are already fighting. But if you see that one is trying to hurt the other, it is a sign that you should intervene. Puppies fight for a couple of reasons. You must have seen your puppies fight during their mealtime. They also fight over toys. And like humans, when one is stressed.

Getting in between when two puppies fight will let them know it is a bad habit. But remember, they are descendants of the wolf, so it is still in their instincts to fight. Here are seven effective ways to stop puppies from fighting with each other:

Know the Signs of Aggression

It is best if you are able to determine beforehand when a fight is brewing. By knowing the signs of aggression, you can expect that a fight is going to happen. Sustained stares between your puppies can be the first sign of aggression. Be wary of the posture. Some dogs may hold their head above their shoulder as a fighting stance. On the other hand, others may stoop low. Notice the body. If it becomes stiff and erratic. A growl will also be heard from your puppies as a sign of warning to the other. If none backs out, a fight will surely ensue.

Use a Firm, Loud Command

Instead of screaming, you should use a firm and loud voice. Be consistent using the same voice every time your puppies fight. This way, your puppies are aware of what you want them to do. Use commands, such as ‘Don’t fight!’ or “Away from each other!” They are more specific so you should not use them when doing commands for other purposes. Don’t yell invectives. Your puppies will not understand them anyway. They will just confuse your puppies.

Distract Fighting Puppies With a Loud Noise

Noise is an effective way to stop puppies from fighting with each other. You can make a loud clap or you can shut the door with some force. A loud whistle can also help. It is always best to carry with you a whistle or an air horn if your puppies are always aggressive with each other, especially when going out of your house.

Spray Fighting Puppies With Vinegar and Water

The smell of vinegar is unpleasant to a dog’s smell. The same is true with citronella. Make a solution of either of the two with water and keep it near you or you can carry it with you when going out. It works just like when you produce a loud sound. The unpleasant scent of vinegar and citronella provides a distraction.

Move Away One Puppy Using a Leash

Don’t touch the puppies when they are fighting. Instead, make a loop out of a leash and attach it to a stick. Target one puppy and move it away. The fighting will automatically stop once the other is tied and moved away. Separating the dogs while they are fighting can hurt you. A puppy may not recognize your hand and bite you.

Determine Why Your Puppies Fight

Being able to know the root cause of why your puppies fight will reduce incidents of aggression. Are you feeding them in the same food bowl? Do they drink from the same water bowl? If this is so, this can be the cause of the fight. While they may want to sleep together sometimes, it is good to have separate crates for them, especially if they are getting bigger.

Lack of space can also cause fights. How about toys? Do your puppies have a different set of toys? For sure, they will fight over a toy if they are both interested in that toy.

Modify Your Dog’s Behavior

Training your puppies can avoid dog fights. Some puppies can eat in the same bowl or drink from the same water bowl at the same time. On the other hand, other puppies can sleep on the same crate until they grow old. If you have tried training your puppies but you simply fail, a dog trainer will surely be able to become successful.

Socialize your puppies with other pets and people. Play with them. Let them learn how to understand commands. If they are used to play with people and pets, they will treat other dogs as their friends, not enemies. Shower your puppies with love and they will also be very loving even to their siblings or other dogs in the house.

Dog fights can lead to injuries to your pets. For sure, you don’t like one of them to have a broken limb or a scratched face. Knowing how to stop a fight is important. All the above tips have been tested and proven. All you have to do is apply them. Be consistent, but never be harsh.

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