8 Things to Do Before You Bring Your Puppy Home for The First Time

There are many things to consider when deciding to buy a puppy. You have to consult members of the household if they are supportive of the idea. You also have to ascertain that you have the time for your puppy and the budget to spend on food, vet, and other dog stuff. If these and many other considerations are met, you can push through with bringing a new puppy to your home.

However, before you bring your new puppy to your home for the first time, you have to make sure that the following are met:

Prepare an Appropriate Crate

As soon as you have decided on the dog you are going to buy, you should look for the right crate and take it home first. The right crate for a puppy should not be too big or too small. It should have just enough size that the puppy can comfortably stand, lie down, and circle around. Place the crate in an appropriate location, like the area near the door, and make it comfortable with beddings in time for your dog’s arrival.

Keep Away Potential Sources of Trouble

Puppies are naturally curious about everything they see. This is a potential cause of accidents as they do not only sniff and touch, but they bite, chew, or swallow these things. This is why you have to make sure that electrical wirings, sockets, cleaning materials, medicines, sharp and small objects, and toxic plants such as potatoes, garlic, lilies, tomatoes, and others are out of reach before bringing a new puppy home.

Get Ready With Collapsible Fence Panels

Collapsible fence panels are important to restrict your puppy from some areas of your home. These are also used to designate the play or training area. Moreover, you should use these panels when you are in your yard because of the many hazards that the puppy may encounter, especially if you cannot give your full supervision. Restrictive panels are also very useful when training your dog.

Choose the Right Puppy Food

Of course, you want your puppy to have puppy food with all the essential ingredients for its optimum development. However, some puppy foods, no matter how nutritious they are may not be right for your puppy. Some may cause allergic reactions while others may trigger upset stomach. You may ask the vet for some pieces of advice or go for hypoallergenic puppy food.

Pick the Best Food and Water Bowls

After deciding on the puppy food, you also need to buy food and water bowls. Plastic bowls are not recommended for puppies as they can have an allergic reaction to plastic. They also easily tip over. Choose a heavier bowl made of stainless steel. You can start with smaller ones. You can change them with bigger ones when your puppy has increased its intake of food and water.

Make Sure You Already Have a Collar and a Leash

A collar and a leash are crucial dog gear. These are worn when you go for your daily walks in a nearby park. They are also used in some training activities. Besides that, you may want an ID hanging on your dog’s neck, so in case your puppy gets lost, you can easily locate it.

Grooming Supplies Should Be Ready

It is expected that you want your puppy to look good and clean all the time. You should have a grooming kit that includes an appropriate brush for your puppy’s age, a toothpaste, nail grinder, nose and paw balm, and comb. If you do all the grooming yourself, you should choose the right dog shampoo also. An enzymatic spray which you use after your puppy accidentally poop will be of great help to diminish the smell.

Choose the Right Toys

The first time that your new puppy arrives at home with the sight of many toys will surely make her very happy. Having these toys are helpful as they can deviate the attention of your puppy from furniture covers or your shoes and socks. Just make sure these toys do not have toxic elements in them.

If you do not prepare all these things beforehand, you will surely go through some stressful moments with your new puppy around. On the other hand, if all these are ready, it will be easier for your new puppy to adjust to its new environment. Right when you arrive home with your new puppy, she can know right there and then that she is in the right place. It will be much easier for you to train her as well.

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