Ask These 8 Questions Before Bringing Home a New Pet

So, you are decided to get a puppy. Is it a decision that you made after a long deliberation with yourself? Because if it is an overnight decision, it is greatly advised not to push through. You have to be prepared in many aspects. Part of your deliberations should include the following questions that you should be asking yourself:

What Are Your Plans for the Coming Years?

You may be very enthusiastic about having a dog right now. You may picture yourself sharing many happy memories together. But for how long? Do you imagine yourself doing the same things in a couple of years? Will you be able to keep your dog until the end?

Before buying a dog, it is important to consider what you will be doing in the coming years. If you are working right now but you see that you can spare time for your new pet, it can just be just right for the meantime. But what if you are going to be promoted and your schedule will be fuller? What about if you will be assigned somewhere else? Or maybe, you will soon have a family and have a baby of your own. All these should be considered. It is not right that you can have a dog right now and leave it when you have to.

Do Your Housemates Support Your Decision?

If you have other persons in your house, you have to open up your plans of buying a dog. If someone is not keen on your idea, there may be a problem. It can lead to arguments in the future. Get everybody’s opinion. Some may not be telling openly what they feel. Because if everybody loves to have a dog in the house, there can be no issue. You have all the help you need. But if you insist on your decision to have a dog, you need a solid compromise. A dog outside? Or maybe, you can move out if you are living with other tenants. For sure, your dog will not have a good experience in a home with someone who dislikes her.

Do You Really Have the Time?

Having a dog means that you have to spare some time. And it may not only be a few minutes a day. A dog will be very lonely with that setup. Dogs are naturally attention seekers, so you should have enough time. If you are thinking of your free time on weekends only, think again. A cute little furry baby does not deserve to be left out for five days!

Do You Have Enough Space?

Dogs will be unhappy with a small parcel of space. It would be ideal if you have a little backyard where it can run and run, dig or crawl. But if you are living in a condo, be sure that you have enough space for playing and sleeping.

What Dog Type Are You Looking for?

Every dog breed has its own personality. When choosing a dog to be your companion until the end, you must look for one that suits your personality. If you plan to have a companion in your daily walks around your village, consider an active dog and not a sleeper. Indeed, it is important to know the personality of the dog you are going to buy. This will eliminate discouragement on your part.

Do You Have Other Pets at Home?

Some dogs may be very friendly even to cats. So if you have other pets in your home, be sure not to buy a dog with a hunter instinct, or else you may wake up in the morning with some tragic accident in front of you. You also have to consider if you have young children. Some dog breeds may see other pets and your baby as competitors to your affection.

Are You Ready With All the Mess?

Not all dogs can be trained easily. A dog may want to chew or bite anything that comes in contact with its chin including sofa covers. It may also scratch your walls. Moreover, other dog breeds may shed a lot more. If you think you can let this all pass without challenging your patience, you can have any type of dog.

Can You Afford It?

Having a pet dog can be very expensive. It is not only the dog food that you give and the toys, dresses, and dog house that you buy but there’s a lot more that can add to your expenses. You may have to spend on vaccinations and regular visits to the vet as well.

Having a pet dog is not pure bliss, although it is a blessing to have a dog that compliments you. Before buying one, it is crucial to undergo self-evaluation if you really want or need a dog and if you are capable of having one. Don’t buy one if you are not sure.


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4 thoughts on “Ask These 8 Questions Before Bringing Home a New Pet”

  1. The advice that you provided is great because people don’t think about these issues or expenses. Unfortunately they only think about it afterwards and that’s why have some many animals in Shelters. Good Article

  2. Great article, more people need to think about these things before buying or adopting a cat or dog. I always have told my children if you want a pet then you are committing to 15 years of caring for it. Please don’t buy or adopt an animal if you can not commit long term all the animals wants is to be loved.

  3. A couple of important items you forgot to mention are 1) getting a pet anywhere from 5 to 10 years before you retire. Having a pet will limit your travels, especially cruises and international travel as well as any travel that requires an airplane trip. 2) consider your age. A pet will live from 10 to 18 years. If you get a pet when you are above 65 years old could possible create a problem. While their companionship will be most welcome, you are more likely to die and leave an older dog homeless. People do not like to adopt older dogs due to medical cost or life span. The older dog will pine away in a shelter if not euthanized by the shelter due to lack of space. Is this what you want for your companion? If you are older, adopt the oldest dog in the shelter, or the one who has been in the shelter the longest and give them some extra love and provide for them some great last years of their life.

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