DIY Pet Toys

DIY Pet Toys for Felines and Fidos

Let’s face it – pet toys don’t run cheap. And if your dog or cat is infamous for destroying a new toy within minutes of getting it, it can feel like every new toy purchase is just money down the drain. But did you know you can provide your pet with affordable toys from items found in your own home?

We’ve rounded up the top DIY dog and cat toys so you can treat your pet to a new toy any time, without breaking the bank.

For Fido

Water Bottle Crunch 

Photo Credit: on YouTube

Noisy and crunchy, this easy toy will stimulate your pup’s senses and keep them entertained for hours. To make this toy, all you’ll need is an empty plastic water bottle, a piece of fabric (like an old blanket, towel, or t-shirt), a handful of kibble, and a pair of scissors. 

Just be sure to keep an eye on your dog as they play in case they break through the fabric and attempt to chew on the plastic.

Watch how to make it here.

Tennis Ball Tug

Photo Credit: PuppyLeaks

Keep your dog entertained for hours with minimal effort on your end with this easy-to-make tennis ball tug toy. 

To piece this together, you’ll need a strong piece of rope, a tennis ball, and a drill. Get started by drilling a hole on either side of your tennis ball (just large enough to thread the rope through). Slide the ball onto the center of the rope, and tie some knots on both ends to keep it in place. 

See it made here on PuppyLeaks.

Sock Squeaker Toy

Photo Credit: Fun Sock City on YouTube

Recycle your old socks into a plush toy your pup will love! All you need is some polyfill, a squeaker from an old toy, and a sock to complete this made-in-minutes toy.

Watch the Tutorial from Fun Sock City here.

For Felines

Wine Cork Cat Toy

Put your collection of old wine corks to use as a repurposed toy for your cat! To make these adorable DIY cat toys, start by softening the wine cork by boiling it, then cut a hole in each side of the cork. 

Use epoxy gluing, stick feathers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and even catnip mice to attract your cat, and let them have at it! Just be sure the glue is fully dried before passing it over to your kitty. 

Get a step-by-step tutorial here.

Toilet Paper Roll Treat Digger

Photo Credit: Caticles

A toilet paper roll’s possibilities are endless in the eye’s of your cat. Save the cardboard rolls and hand them over to your cat as-is, or try one of these 13 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Toys from Caticles

We’re big fans of #8 on their list – an easy and fun treat digger toy! By wedging the toilet paper rolls inside a box and filling them with treats, your cat will have to work to dig through the “tunnels” and paw around to find the treats, offering both physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

See how to make it here.

DIY Cat Wand

Photo Credit: Cat Toy Lady on YouTube

Cats love wands since they tap into their instinctive nature to pounce and hunt. But if you’ve ever purchased a cat wand, you know cats also love to destroy them. Save yourself the $10 and piece together your own cat wand using a dowel rod, mesh tubing, and some ribbon. 

Get a Tutorial from Cat Toy Lady.

If you’re not the DIY-type but looking for ways to keep your pets entertained, check out our recent Pawliday Gift Guide. And remember, not all toys are pet-safe. Keep an eye out for hazards, and stick to expert-recommended toys to ensure playtime is both safe and enjoyable.

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