The 7 Tips You Need to Know Avoid Puppy Bites

Your puppy may not know that it is hurting you. It might think that it is all part of the play. But if you make your puppy realize that it has inflicted pain on you, the bites will soon come to an end. Positive reinforcement or giving rewards for good behavior can be of great help when teaching your dog some new things. It may not be productive to be aggressive to your puppy when it bites you.

To train your dog to stop biting you, here are some tips that you may follow:

Imitate Your Puppy When You Are Bitten

Instead of screaming profanities and whipping your puppy, you can just give a high-pitch yelp and move away slowly. Do not run or rush to treat your wound if there is because your puppy may misunderstand it as part of playtime. It may run after you instead. Show that you distance yourself after every bite and demonstrate a cold attitude toward your dog afterward. Be consistent with this reaction. Your dog will soon know that biting you displeases you.

Set an Avoidance Area

Choose a part of your home adjacent to your dog’s play area to set up your avoidance area. Put some barriers but be sure that you are at sight from where the dog is. Continue being cold to your dog and show that you are displeased after biting you. If you do this often after your puppy has bitten you, the bites will soon stop for sure. Your puppy will know that biting is not part of playtime and that you do not like to be bitten.

Put on the Leash After Every Bite

If you are busy doing something else and you cannot just sit down in the avoidance area, you can put your puppy on the leash after being bitten. Don’t go near to be touched. Avoid any contact with your dog for some time. Your puppy will realize that you do not like to be bitten. Do this every time it bites you. Your puppy will know the reason why you are putting it on the leash which interferes with its enjoyment moving around the house.

Be Consistent With Your Training

Consistency is the best way the training will be successful. If you are not consistent, it will only lead to more confusion on the part of your puppy. Sometimes, it may bite you to see your reaction. If your dog has stopped biting you, notice if it still does it to other individuals in the household. You can instruct them to do the same thing that you have done. If this is done consistently, your dog will not bite anyone else. Instead, it will become friendlier. This means that everybody will be going to love your dog. You can also be sure that your fur baby will never be kicked by anybody else in the house.

Reinforcement of Positive Behavior Is a Big Help

After playtime and your dog does not bite anymore, acknowledge it. Give your dog some special attention. Apply a belly rub or extend your playtime together. For some other times, give some healthy treats. Do this with other good deeds that your puppy is doing. Tell other individuals in the household to do the same.

Instill the Meaning of “Leave It” Command

Every time your dog tries to bite on something else that you do not want to, tell your dog in a stern manner “leave it!” This can also be used when it tries to play on other things aside from its toys. This will familiarize your puppy with the command. If this happens, you will not be hard up getting your dog’s attention out of something else that is not his toy.

Make It a Routine

You may not see the results after a few tries. Nonetheless, if you repeat all these processes over and over again, your beloved puppy will soon forget the bad habit of biting you, other people, and things that are not its toys. As said, always be consistent. One time that you deviate from your training will bring you back to level one. You have to be focused in order to progress with the training.

A puppy that bites may not be loved by all. Instead of receiving those friendly pats and taps from people, it may get some ugly reactions. Kicking can be one. Of course, you don’t like it to happen with your beloved fur baby. This is why you should train your pet at an early age.

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